The Benefits of a Planting a Refuge

As Plant 2019 is in full swing, it is important for farmers to be reminded on the benefits of planting a refuge, especially during challenging economic times. Not planning a refuge risks shutting doors to high yield varieties and future profitability of Bt corn. SFN’s Mike Davis talks with grower Stuart Sanderson about his experiences and award-winning yields.

  • The history and consequences of herbicide resistance have demonstrated the need to be extra cautious of the possibility of pesticide resistance in Bt corn.
  • Planting a refuge helps protect the ability to grow Bt corn long-term, and allows farmers to reap the profits season after season. Not only is it common sense, it’s the law.
  •  If these varieties are not properly managed, the consequences/impacts to long term profitability are direct and serious. No one wants to see Bt traits stop working for them.
  • The time and money spent toward the refuge provides an extended ROI, even if it’s not immediately visible: farmers can continue to use high-yield, Bt varieties for many years to come.
  • The ultimate goal is to avoid the failure of Bt traits to control the most damaging corn insects.

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