Pork Showing Growth in Many Different Cuts

With a growth rate outpacing all other meats, pork continues to be the fastest growing protein in food service. National Pork Board President says the food service industry understands the versatility of pork:

“It is at a really competitive price point and can be used in a wide variety of ways. It also provides good margins.”

According to an annual assessment of food service sales, pork’s popularity continues to grow. The latest studies show that pork sold through food service outlets reached a record 9.8 billion pounds last year, an increase of 533 million from 2013. Pork delivers flavor, innovation and inspiration to the food service menu:

“People use the products and then keep coming back. We are continuing to expand our opportunities and bring our product to more customers.”

The study found that carnita meat and pulled pork were the fastest growing pork product categories and notable growth is seen in Canadian bacon, shoulder and butt, bratwurst, shanks and chops. Sales of bacon and processed ham also grew.”