Summer Heat Drying Out the Southeast


Yesterday, we heard from NC State Climate offices’ Applied Climatologist, Corey Davis on the revised hurricane forecast from NOAA.  Today, Davis talks about the state’s dry conditions, the chances of tropical moisture, and what could be in store for the remainder of the hurricane season:

“We see that a lot this time of year when we get a little summer heat and summer dryness like we’ve had recently, a good soaking from a tropical storm it cannot be a bad thing.  we certainly don’t want the wind and the storm surge damage that sometimes a land falling storm can bring, but there are plenty of times when a good soaking rain can be a drought buster.  We’re not in drought now, but there are abnormally dry conditions across the central Piedmont and Coastal Plain, but certainly should that stick around, a good tropical event could help get rid of that.

Corey, what do we need to add?

“Thinking about storms that have come through this time of year; this is really close to the time of year that Hurricane Fran came through in 1996, so, when you think about it in that perspective, it’s really not too early to see a land falling storm in North Carolina, there is a precedent for that. 

“More of our land falling storms have come through later in the season; when you think about one like Hurricane Isobel that came through in October, we’ve had Hurricane Matthew in October of last year, as well, and Hazel even came through in November, so a lot of our bigger land falling storms have come a little bit later, after the peak of the season.  But, again it’s not too early now to see a storm, so just keep an eye on things as we see waves move across the Atlantic, just remember that we’ve had one this time of the year, before.”

Currently, there are three tropical waves in the south Atlantic, one with a 70% probably of developing into a tropical storm.

Applied climatologist with the North Carolina State Climate Office, Corey Davis.

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