Stalled NAFTA Talks Still Worrisome

With NAFTA talks stalled, National Potato Council President Cully Easterday tells SFN producers are rightfully concerned…

Easterday added that the three member nations have to work together to make NAFTA renegotiations move forward.


University researchers are figuring out whether soul food laden with fat and salt can be made healthy and delicious by using plants-only recipes.

University of South Carolina researchers are launching a two-year study on what happens when ingredients are changed in ways that cut calories and can prevent heart disease.

Scientists are recruiting African-Americans to test vegan versions of the food that sprang from Sunday church gatherings after slavery was abolished.

Subjects will be assigned into two groups. One will eat a healthy take on soul food that includes animal products like meat and dairy. Another group will be assigned a plant-based diet.

Studies rank South Carolina residents as suffering some of the country’s highest levels of obesity, diabetes and hypertension.


One of USDA’s top leaders is urging more young people to consider careers in agriculture…