2013 Virginia Ag Expo
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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This year’s event included over 140 exhibitors showcasing the latest farm equipment, services, and the newest agriculture technology. The event featured field tours, including: Contemporary Issues in the Swine Industry; High Yield Corn Management; Potassium Fertility in Soybean; Vegetable and Small Fruit Production; Management of Cotton and Grain Sorghum; and Aerial Imaging for Agricultural Crops.

dr pig

Dr. Mark Estienne provided an extensive update on the pork industry in Virginia. He stated that from 1987 to 2007, the hog inventory has remained steady ranging from 325,000 to 350,000 but the number of hog operations has decreased with most operations now falling into two segments: very large operations contracting with pork processors and very small operations fulfilling the niche consumer demand for meat from non-confined production practices. Feed prices and animal welfare issues continue to be key issues along with a newcomer in 2013, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED).


dr aerial

Dr. Jim Owen exhibited a new technology at this year’s Expo: aerial imaging with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). What started as a way to easily manage inventory and scout orchards in the citrus industry is now being used explored for applications in the nursery and row crop industries. Owen says cameras mounted on the battery-powered UAV can quickly provide photographs and infrared imaging to provide producers with valuable information during the growing season.

Listen to our coverage of the event:

Virginia Tech Researchers Demonstrate Herbicide Resistance in Cotton

Dr. Hunter Frame, Field Crops Agronomist and Assistant Professor with Virginia Tech was a presenter who spoke about the cotton crop over all and some of the field trials he presented at the expo:

Virginia Corn Crop in Good Shape Despite Wet Season

Dr. Wade Thomason, Extension Grain Crop Specialist with Virginia Tech spent some time with Southern Farm Network’s Bob Midles discussing this year’s corn crop, and research demonstrations at the Virginia Ag Expo:

Uses for Thermal Imaging on the Farm Demonstrated at Virginia Ag Expo

Dr. Jim Owen, Nursery Crop Extension Specialist and Researcher with Virginia Tech demonstrated aerial photography and thermal imaging at the Vriginia Ag Expo recently in Virginia Beach. Owen discusses current, and future applications for this tool with Southern Farm Network’s Bob Midles:

Murphy – Brown LLC Moves Grains Sorghum Message Into Virginias

It’s a name that you’re probably familiar with, but now with a different location, David Hull, Grain Merchant for Murphy-Brown LLC is now based in Waverly, Virginia, having moved north from North Carolina. Hull Discusses the difference in purchasing grain sorghum from Virginia farmers with Southern Farm Network’s Bob Midles at the Virginia Ag Expo:

dr cotton

Dr. Hunter Frame showcases a field trial featuring varieties tolerant to glufosinate and glyphosate, and he updated producers on the status of some new technologies in the development pipeline. For the 2013 season, Frame said the cotton crop is running a couple of weeks behind due to the weather and there are some fields showing signs of uneven growth as a result of standing water.


Enjoy these other photos from the event: