Southern SC Crops Enjoying Timely Rains and Good Moisture


In South Carolina there were six days suitable for field work, about the same as the previous week as reported in the weekly crop progress report for conditions through Sunday, August 6th.  Rusty Skipper with Horry County reports that this year’s tobacco crop appears to be pretty good, and corn as well.  Corn harvest should be getting underway shortly.  Cotton, peanut and soybean crops are off to a good start.  Hugh Gray with Allendale County reports that cooler morning temperatures provided some welcome relief to both crops and people.  A couple of thunder showers helped maintain good soil moisture.  Corn harvest is progressing as weather permits.

Tobacco Farmers Making First Pass

There were almost seven full days suitable for field work in North Carolina as reported in the weekly crop progress report for conditions through Sunday, August 6th, compared to just over six the previous week.  Paul McKenzie with Warren County Extension reports that many tobacco farmers have made the first pass on harvesting tobacco, and many fields are being irrigated due to lack of rain, and corn is showing drought stress.  And Howard Wallace with Hoke County Extension reports that corn harvest has begun in a few spots around the county.  Cotton, soybeans and peanuts have benefited from sporadic rainfall over the past month.

Farm Bill Could Reach House Floor Early 2018

House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway of Texas says he wants to finish the next farm bill this year, with the bill reaching the U.S. House floor for a vote in early 2018. Conaway told a farm bill listening session over the weekend that he hopes the farm bill will be on the House floor in the first quarter of 2018. At the end of the session, Conaway noted that writing the farm bill would be challenging because “no one asked for less money”. The listening session is one of many being held by Congress across the nation as lawmakers prepare to write the next farm bill.

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