Southern Rust and Stinkbug Treatmens at the Same Time Ill Advised

NC State Extension Entomologist, Dr. Dominic Reisig has addressed the issue of spraying for stink bugs and Southern Rust in corn in an article published earlier this week.  Reisig says that while on the surface it sounds like a good idea to spray for both with the same tank mix, the timing for effectively controlling both situations at the same time is poor.  Southern Rust should be controlled post-tasseling, and stink bug at the pre-tasseling stage.  And aerial application for stink bug is ineffective because the insects will hide from the spray in the leaf folds.  Reisig is also of the opinion that very few fields in the state will meet the threshold of economic effectiveness with a stinkbug infestation.

SC Tobacco Tour Today in Florence

The South Carolina tobacco tour is scheduled for today at 8:15 am at the Pee Dee Research & Education Center outside of Florence.  Topics to be discussed include solar curing, entomology, diseases, fungicide trials and more.  Registration is at 8:15 with field tours and demonstrations getting underway at 8:30, lunch will be at the nearby Thunderbird Country Buffet and Restaurant, with a farm tour to follow.

Another Group Weighs in on New Waters of the US Rule

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has filed comments on EPA’s interpretive rule regarding the Clean Water Act. They’ve asked the agency to throw it out. NCBA Environmental Counsel Ashley McDonald says the rule narrows the definition of normal farming practices and gives EPA and Army Corps of Engineers unlimited power in regulating farming practices. She says it also makes NRCS a regulatory compliance agency – which Congress never intended.

McDonald says when the interpretive rule first came out in April – it went into effect right away prior to any consulting with agriculture interests or having any public comment given on it

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