South Carolina’s Corn Planting Pushing Towards Completion


Seventy-four percent of South Carolina’s corn crop has been planted according to the latest crop progress report for conditions through Sunday, April 16th.  The five-year average for corn planting in the Palmetto State is 56%.

Zack Snipes with Beaufort County reports that tomatoes are slightly behind as the wind and cold last month battered them. They are pulling out of stress and growing well now. Most squash, melons, and beans are planted.

Hugh Gray with Allendale County reports that a week of sunshine, warm temperatures, and no rain permitted completion of corn planting. Everything has greened up, which is removing soil moisture. Some areas need a rain. Many cotton and peanut growers are having to wait for rain before starting their planting. No crop insect or disease problems reported this week. Peach and small grain production will be significantly reduced due to a freeze in March.

NC Farmers Would Like More Rain

In the latest crop progress report for conditions through Sunday, April 16th for North Carolina, 32% of the state’s corn crop had been planted, compared to 10% last week and 40% on a five year average.  Paul Westfall with Granville County Extension reports that there were a couple of showers during the week, but fields are still pretty dry. Farmers are saying that we need a lot more rainfall to get soil moisture levels up. Wheat started heading during the week and is doing fairly well. Most fields have recovered from cold damage. Strawberries are in full swing, with growers reporting thrips damage. Farmers are applying fertilizers to pastures and are controlling broadleaf weeds.

Early Trade Talks with China Considered Successful

China talks in Florida last week yielded a more cooperative tone between the two nation’s leaders, raising chances of even more U.S. farm sales in China.  The lack of vitriol and threats, as well as a planned reopening of China’s beef market to the U.S. have raised American Farm Bureau’s hopes for more ag sales in one of America’s top ag export markets. American Farm Bureau Trade Adviser Dave Salmonsen…

“That would be the way that we would prescribe that they bring the trade deficit down, would be to buy more from us.  Currently, they’re either our number one or number two leading export market.”

China and Canada have alternated in recent years as the top two U.S. ag export markets.

Trump: Healthcare Reform Before Tax Reform

In a Fox Business interview, President Donald Trump put a priority on health care reform before he’ll turn his attention to tax reform. The President said in the interview, “I have to do health care first. I really want to do it right.” He says tax reform is critical to the economy and to large and small businesses. However, he says healthcare reform could potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars, which would then help tax reform. The biggest tax reform that agriculture would like to see is a repeal of the estate tax.

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