South Carolina Tobacco Harvested Ahead of Irma


In the week ended September 10th, there were just shy of seven days suitable for field work in South Carolina, compared to just under six the previous week.  Rusty Skipper with Horry County reports that tobacco harvest had all but wrapped up, and corn was being harvested at a feverish pace ahead of Hurricane Irma.  Cotton, Peanut and soybeans had already been saturated by heavy rain during the week due to a passing cold front.  Hugh Gray with Allendale County reported that no measurable rain fell in either Allendale or Hampton County during the week.  Peanut producers were leaving the crop in the ground until the impending Hurricane Irma passed through.

Rain & Wet Fields Hampered Corn Harvest Before Hurricane Irma

In the latest crop progress report for North Carolina for conditions through Sunday, September 10th, there were 5.7 days suitable for field work, compared to 5.1 the previous week.  Roy Thagard with Greene County Extension reports that a lot of the upper stalk tobacco in the field is really getting hammered with black shank, Granville wilt also continues to progress.  Daniel Simpson with Pamlico County Extension reports that rain continued to slow corn harvest, but soybeans are growing well.  More corn was harvested during the week in preparation for the hurricane.

Renewed Call for Repeal of the Death Tax

President Trump’s renewed call for full repeal of the estate tax is being praised by the American Farm Bureau. But ‘death tax’ repeal faces more hurdles as tax reform advances this fall.

AFBF tax adviser Pat Wolff suggests the President’s comments that the estate tax is a “tremendous burden” on family farmers can only help the long-fought cause of agriculture to end the tax levied at death…

“The President said during his campaign that he supported the elimination of the death tax.  So, it’s refreshing, but not surprising that he continues to believe estate taxes should be eliminated.  That matches up with the position House Republicans who included in their tax reform blueprint the repeal of estate taxes.”

But Wolff acknowledges the partisan fight ahead as critics argue that last year just 153 farms out of more than 38,000 paid any estate taxes totaling $44 million, or less than two percent of the $20 billion the tax generated

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