South Carolina Drought Conditions Improve Slightly

In the latest drought monitor, released Thursday by the Drought Mitigation Center for conditions through Tuesday morning, South Carolina’s abnormally dry conditions abated slightly, from 93.15% to 91.66%.  the areas experiencing moderate drought remained the same at 63.79% and the area experiencing extreme drought decreased from 27.73% to 26.73%. Only the far western tip of the state and the counties bordering the coast remain drought free.

North Carolina Gains a Little, Loses a Little in Weekly Drought Monitor

North Carolina’s abnormally dry conditions increased this week as reported in the weekly drought monitor released by the Drought Mitigation Center on Thursday for conditions through Tuesday morning.  Last week, almost 73% of the state was in abnormally dry conditions, this week’s reading is just shy of 81%.  However the area experiencing moderate drought decreased from just over 31% to 27.54%, and the area experiencing severe drought decreased from 5.77% to 2.33%.  the Coastal Plain, upper Piedmont counties bordering Virginia, and the very southwestern tip of the state remain drought free.

US Ban on Canadian Poultry Lifted

USDA has lifted a ban on Canadian Poultry products this week. The ban stemmed from the highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak earlier this year. The April 2015 ban covered live poultry, hatching eggs and even research birds in Canada.

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