Sorghum Frontiers Virtual Field Day Coming Nov. 5

Sorghum is receiving a lot of attention lately, thanks to how it fits into modern agriculture. With new high-performing hybrids, technology advancements, emerging markets and the crop’s tolerance to marginal lands and environmental conditions, sorghum can offer a solid value proposition.

Tanner Antonick is U.S. Regional Sales Manager for Alta Seeds, a leading provider of seed solutions in sorghum. He says sorghum has a lot of advantages for growers all across the United States, including a current robust export market.

“We’ve seen China come in and they’re buying large quantities of grain sorghum, so of course it’s going to make sorghum be on the forefront of our growers mind. Outside of that sorghum is a very versatile crop, it’s going to fit a variety of different environments, whether they’re really wet areas, are really arid areas as we move West, you’re going to see sorghum perform adequately across all geographies. As we look towards the grain sorghum belt, we’re running out of water and a lot of these wells and so guys are having to figure out how to better use the water that they have and sorghum is becoming a really attractive option for them as they’re looking at different rotations, different ways to split up their pivots.”

Antonick says grower have an opportunity to get a first-hand look at exiting new technology on November 5th during the company’s Sorghum Frontiers Virtual Field Day.

“This has been a really exciting year for us. We’ve actually launched two new brands. So, the first and probably most exciting to our growers is our herbicide tolerance in sorghum, it’s going to be the first commercially available, and it’s called igrowth. And on the other side, we are a leader in the forage sorghum industry, and what we really wanted to do is step up our game in terms of education to our growers and presenting the highest level of premier products and so we launched our new EMPYR Premier Forage lineup. And we’re really excited as well that we’re launching our first aphid tolerant forages this year as well.”

The Sorghum Frontiers Field Day is designed to bring the field experience to life with streaming video of plot tours and in-field presentations. It’s free, and it’s an opportunity for sorghum growers — and growers considering sorghum as a crop — to learn about the newest technologies to increase productivity.

“So. as we look towards November 5 at 1pm we’re going to have our virtual field day which is our Sorghum Frontiers event. And we’re really excited to have growers from across the United States join us as we get joined about our EMPYR Premier Forages and how to best utilize premier forages on their acres. And we really want to highlight our igrowth technology because it’s going to be the first time growers can spray over the top in season, it really is going to revolutionize the way we grow sorghum here in the States, so please join us on November 5 at 1pm, you’re going to be really excited and benefit from the material.”

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