Senators to Trump: “Rejoin TPP”

A group of Republican Senators is urging President Donald Trump to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. The 25 lawmakers encouraged Trump to “work aggressively to secure reforms that would allow the United States to join the agreement.” In a statement, the group says: “An improved TPP would therefore bolster and sustain the economic growth America has experienced over the past year,” growth they say was facilitated by regulatory reductions and tax cuts enacted by the Trump Administration.

A change in regulations in the U.S. means a change in plans for Mexico’s drug farmers…


There’s a new possible treatment that could help the millions of children who suffer from peanut allergies. CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook has more on the study…

Brisbane based Aimmune Therapeutics conducted the double blind study with 554 patients age 4-17 with severe peanut allergies.

Researchers believe chronic alcohol abuse can lead to an increased risk of dementia, among other things. Executive Dean of Medicine at the University of Exeter, Clive Ballard, says the research suggests a 300-percent increase in the likelihood of early onset dementia for chronic alcohol abusers…


Forget mouthwash…could wine be a better way to protect your oral health? Here’s CBS News Correspondent Bill Rehkopf…

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