SC Commissioner Weathers: Farmer’s Market Update– Summer Tasting Events

SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to tell us more about some fun tasting events going on at the Columbia, Pee Dee, and Greenville Farmers Markets.

  • Throughout July and into August, our three state farmers markets have been hosting free Summer Tasting Events. These events are used to promote the bountiful Summer months for South Carolina produce and specialty crops.
  • Each tasting event features one in-season product, and offers visitors sampling opportunities, a complimentary recipe card for that specific crop, and of course, vendors selling that crop.
  • The markets have already featured watermelon, butter beans and corn, and you can expect to see squash, beets, zucchini and okra on the upcoming menus.
  • With the trend of preserving food coming from the recent pandemic, the Pee Dee State Farmers Market has taken things a bit further and offers preserving demonstrations by Clemson Extension Agent, Chase Baillie, every other weekend.
    • Chase is also doing free Pressure Canner Gauge inspections which normally cost $6 through Clemson Extension.
  • This weekend’s schedule:
    • The next Pee Dee State Farmers Market events are on August 6th and 14th. So be sure to visit the market to taste spicy collard dip, pick up your bushels on collards and a complimentary recipe card featuring collards and taste fresh beets.
    • The Greenville Market will hold a beet tasting on August 7th and an Okra tasting on August 28th.
    • If you’re in Columbia on July 30th, go pick up some local zucchini. On August 13th, stop by the state farmers market to taste some certified SC peaches and grab a peach recipe card.
  • To find more information about any of the farmers markets and any upcoming events, you can visit our website or the Farmers Markets’ Facebook pages.