SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Summer Produce Update

Nothing could be finer than some South Carolina summer fruits and vegetables! Here to give us a summer produce update is SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers.

  • The climate this spring and summer has been favorable, which has led to great produce in South Carolina as we enter the second half of summer.
  • We had a great strawberry season with plants producing quality berries and we are jumping out of a great blueberry season.
  • Rain has affected several products, but we have seen a strong crop in peanuts,blueberries, peaches, watermelons, squash, peppers, eggplant, okra and others.
  • South Carolina peach season — the tastier peach — is still going strong and the market is The season got started a little early this year
  • Watermelons are lighter than normal this year due to the cooler weather in the spring,but we still have good melons, just not the usual volume.
  • Many folks in the produce industry were concerned that COVID-19 would affect demand, but it’s actually been a strong year so far.
  • COVID-19 has forced many growers to diversify their operations to include a direct to consumer model. Growers have seen great success with this.
  • CSAs are continuing to sellout and farm stands have seen record sales.
  • Overall, despite circumstances being out of the norm, summer crops have been thriving in SC. For more information on what is in season and where to find locally grown produce, please visit