SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Peanut Season

Peanut season is underway. SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is with us to speak more on South Carolina’s peanut harvest.

  • South Carolina’s peanut crop is up this year from 62,000 planted acres to 82,000 acres with an estimated yield of 3,800 pounds per acre.
  • About 60% of the crop are runners with the other 40% being Virginia type or in-shell peanuts.
  • We’ve had a bit of a late start this season with an unusually rainy and cooler summer and early fall.
  • Wet soil delayed planting and harvesting, but with recent drier and hotter weather, peanuts are being dug and harvested.
  • The first step of harvesting peanuts is to dig them and leave them on the ground in windrows to dry out. Then, 3-5 days later they’re combined. So harvesting peanuts requires a good stretch of dry weather.
  • I recently visited some peanut buying points around the state to see how things are coming along. Just like with most things this year, we have had to make some changes to our practices and facilities.
  • Buying points and grading and sampling sites are taking precautions, creating safe and sanitary workplace environments for employees as peanut crops arrive.
  • Overall, peanut consumption per capita is up in the US, mostly due to people spending more time at home.
  • From peanut butter and peanut candy, to in-shell peanuts for boiled peanuts at home and tailgates, sales are up. Even Blanche just recently made some her famous fried peanuts for our family to enjoy over the weekend.
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