SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Meat Processing

South Carolina Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is with us this morning to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on our nation’s meat industry and what SCDA is doing to help connect consumers directly to local suppliers.

  • I am sure that many of you listening are following the national and local news stories regarding meat processing and the challenges and disruptions that COVID-19 has brought to the industry
  • Plants are taking all precautions to keep their employees safe and healthy to protect our food supply as they have been ordered to remain open
  • One thing I can tell you for certain, is that there is no shortage of meat, whether it be beef, pork or poultry, in the United States
  • While you may be having a harder time finding meat, as major processing facilities work to get back up and running and less meat is reaching grocery stores and food service establishments, the issue will be resolved soon
  • Here is South Carolina, we have not seen the same closures that have happened across the country, with most of our facilities running at normal capacity
  • Demand for proteins is at an all-time high. While we may see the same availability or selection as we did pre-COVID, we are not facing shortages
  • SCDA has created a resource to help consumers find local meat in South Carolina. You can find this list of farmers and businesses at listed under the “resources” section.