SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Local Food Supply Stories

South Carolina Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to tell us more about some local producers and distributors that continue to adapt and work to provide food and services to South Carolinians during COVID 19 restrictions.

● Senn Brother Produce- A great example of adaptability, Senn Brothers Produce started delivering $30 boxes of produce directly to the buyer. Selling about 500 boxes a week, Senn Bros. has partnered with nonprofit organizations like FoodShare SC for other similar efforts.

House of Raeford– Another great example of a local supplier responding to the needs of the public amidst restrictions, is House of Raeford. They have been hosting extremely popular chicken sales across the state- providing bulk cuts of chicken at great prices, that can be bought and delivered in real time right from and to your car.

● Peanut Proud- Three peanut farmers in the Pee Dee region of SC, Dupree Atkinson, Neal Baxley and Shane Willoughby, donated hundreds of jars of peanut butter to the Latta school district for distribution to families. The peanut butter was supplied through Peanut Proud, a charitable organization sponsored by the peanut industry. South Carolina peanut growers will donate six pallets of peanut butter — some 9,000 jars — to Harvest Hope Food Bank next month.

● The Consumer- Lastly, I would like to thank all of the South Carolinians that continue to buy locally. Whether it be from a farmers market, roadside stand or grocery store, your continued support of local food products is making a difference to farmers when it is needed the most.

● In times of emergency, we must remember that we are part of a strong community. I encourage everyone to remain diligent in stopping the spread of coronavirus and to continue to support your local stores, restaurants and farmers.

● Farmers and agribusinesses have come up with many other innovative ways to move their product and help the community. We’ve been gathering a list of direct-to-consumer sales, organized by county, to help consumers find even more opportunities to support farmers and get food. You can find it at