SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Beef and Dairy Month

South Carolina is celebrating beef month in June! Here to tell us more about South Carolina’s beef outlook is SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers

  • For the entire month of June, SC is celebrating beef. Summer has arrived in South Carolina and it is a great time to grill out and enjoy a good burger
  • But just like most things in our lives right now, the beef industry is looking a bit different this year than it has in the past
  • Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a temporary rift in our food supply chain. Many large meat processors, especially in the Midwest, have faced difficulty operating at full capacity
  • Cattle prices at auction have dropped and retail prices have gone up as we have seen the closure of schools and restaurants
  • However, we are already seeing signs that the situation is improving. Governor McMaster and Accelerate SC task force teams are working together to reopen South Carolina safely. As we proceed with reopening, more and more restaurants are opening their doors and summer school programs are being established
  • Fortunately, the plan to reopen falls in line with most SC producer’s schedules, with calves being born in the winter and sold in August and September
  • This schedule paired with the adaptability of many SC producers to focus on wholesale rather than retail, should place producers in a better spot than they have been
  • USDA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, CFAP, has also started taking applications to help qualified farmers regain some of their losses via direct payments as a result of COVID-19 related impacts
  • For more information on beef, please visit or call 803-734-9806