Results from Eastern NC Corn Variety Trials now Available


Earlier this week, Beaufort County Extension released results from this year’s regional corn variety trials.  Director of Beaufort County Extension, Rod Gurganus:

“As we’ve done in the last few years, we’ve tried to spread this thing around in four counties; Beaufort, Hyde, Washington, and Tyrell, and it’s not always on blackland soils, either, we try to put one or two on a more mineral type soil, to give a true representation of all the soil types in our area.

“We invited the companies to enter hybrids, up to three per company, and ended up with 47, and ended up throwing a 48th in there just to end with an even number, and to help Dominic Reisg out with some research that he was doing on corn earworm, I think.  So, we ended up with 48 varieties in six locations and what we found were some really good yields across the board, which was indicative and representative of the corn crop we had in our area this year.

“We still have a few acres in the field, but most are out now.  The farmers are really happy with the results, I’ve not talked to any farmers that weren’t happy with the corn crop this year.”

These varieties that you tested, they were across several maturity dates, as well?

“Oh, yes, we went from like a 102,114 up to 120 day hybrids.  We had a good selection of hybrids there from a lot of different companies, some we haven’t heard from before, some from new companies that were involved this year, then of course, the standard entrants, as well.

“We had one plot that was under a center pivot system, we had a couple plots on some really, really good organic soils, and a couple on more mineral soils.  Again, we tried for a good representation, we’ve tried to put together an average of all locations because some growers want to look at that number, then we tried to break it out into individual locations, looking at how each hybrid performed in that particular location and then across the board to give the growers what they want to look at.”

We’ll continue our conversation with Rod Gurganus, Director of Beaufort County Extension, tomorrow on Today’s Topic.

Follow this link to view the results from the regional corn hybrid trial:

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