Proactive Approach to Swine Health


A proactive approach to swine health is always advised National Pork Board director of swine health information and research Dr. Lisa Becton offers good common-sense advice for pig farmers…

“Really, assessing your different vaccination strategies, if you have influenza in your area, for example, it’s good to work with your veterinarian to make sure that the strains you might want to vaccinate are covering the strains in your area.

“Other things like PERS, for example, PERS tends to be more active in cooler wet, weather, make sure your biosecurity is up to date.  Do you have washing of trailers and equipment, making sure that things get dry before being brought onto the farm. 

“And also, herd testing.  So, if you’re bringing animals in, or semen into the farm, it’s good to work with your veterinarian and make sure that you have testing on incoming animals and other products that they’re not carrying a disease coming in.”

The weather has changed abruptly, and these recommendations serve as a good reminder. Resources are also available online…

“For a lot of biosecurity resources, you can go to  both, from a PQA but also on our PED guidelines, even though it’s for PED it still has a lot of very good advice on how to deal with other diseases.” 

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