Pork Producers Readying for Possible African Swine Fever

Many industry experts say it’s “when, not if” in terms of African Swine Fever reaching U.S. soil, and producers need to have accurate, up-to-date records when it happens.

Mike Haag is a past president of the National Pork Producers Council who says the U.S. pork industry is being proactive on keeping the virus out of American pork herds. “At this point, ASF in other countries has benefitted our industry from a demand standpoint,” he says. “However, if it does come to America it’ll be just the opposite. It will be devastating.”

Illinois pig farmer Derek Dunkirk says he doesn’t think ASF in America is inevitable because America does a good job with biosecurity. While it’s important to implement solid biosecurity protocols, Haag is telling producers it is vital to make sure premise ID numbers are correct. “If the industry does ever get shut down by a foreign animal disease, it’s vital to have the correct information because that’s how all livestock will move through a state,” according to Haag.