Pork Enjoys Growth in Foodservice


According to Technomic Incorporated, pork has been the fastest-growing protein in food service since 2011. National Pork Board director of foodservice marketing Stephen Gerike is very pleased with this latest assessment…

 “Over the past six years pork has grown on a per pound basis by more than double chicken’s growth, which is the next fastest growing protein during that period of time.

“We increased by 1.145 billion pounds, whereas chicken was at 515 million pounds during that same period of time.”

Gerike says there has been a growing popularity for pork in the foodservice sector. The Pork Checkoff works closely with independent restaurants and restaurant chains to make sure pork is relevant to the consumer…t

“It’s really getting a foothold.  Over the past years we’ve had some strong growth due to the introduction of new pork items on menus at chain restaurants and independents.   And now those ‘limited time’ offers that were new and that we saw and enjoyed the benefit of that growth, are now either part of their marketing cycle each year, and/or part of their core menu, which means it’s on the menu all of the time.”

For more information, producers can contact the Pork Checkoff Service Center. Go to Pork-dot org

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