Major Food Distribution Groups Working Against Food Waste

Since the Great Recession companies that handle food, all along the supply chain, have been taking a harder look at their food waste numbers in an effort to boost profits, or in some cases survive.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, working in conjunction with food manufacturing, food retailing and restaurants formed the Food Waste Alliance to help companies take a harder look at what they’re throwing out and make reductions.  Meghan Stasz (st –long A -z) Director of Sustainability for GMA:

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Stasz explains the areas of focus of the alliance:

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While it’s easy to point to restaurants or grocery stores as the primary wasters of food, Stasz says food wasted at home is the biggest contributor:

8-6 Megan Staz 3                        :31                    …”all of us.”

We’ll be hearing more from Megan Stasz on food waste reduction, later on Inside Agriculture.

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