Pork Checkoff Studies How Dining has Changed in Recent Years

The National Pork Board has released findings from its Comprehensive Insight to Action research which indicates that dining landscape has shifted in recent years and multicultural cuisine trends are on the rise.

The report, called “All About Dining Out; What’s on Trend,” looks into reasons why consumers choose the proteins they eat. It also explores tactics to help food providers meet those needs. Some of the key consumer insights include the three primary drivers for consumer decisions on where to eat, which include taste, health, and convenience.

Consumers also typically seek out new menu options. More than a quarter of consumers consistently look for something new to eat and they see dining out as a good way to do that. The study also found that healthy options are still very important. The Pork Board says restaurants can expand their menus to include more healthy pork choices like a pork tenderloin or pork sirloin chop. Those choices fit right beside other healthy proteins like chicken and seafood.