Pork Checkoff Grillathon a Success

The Pork Checkoff sponsored an all-day grillathon during National Grilling Day on July 22nd. There were 23 segments on Facebook with 16 different partners. National Pork Board Senior Director of Consumer Marketing Kylee Deniz says this was a first for the Pork Checkoff.

“We had more than 10,000 consumers, or individuals that follow our pages subscribe to that or RSVP yes. And through the seven hours of content we had more than 100,000 minutes watched. And if you compare that to other tactics we’ve done in the social media space, it was just really incredible results. So, I believe that there will be more live opportunities, flexing our different partners and staff and even producers at the Pork Checkoff. Specifically, Dr. David Newman was one of our segment host. And Kristen Clark was also one of our segment hosts. She is a pig farmer and a culinary pro. And Kristen, I think, she would be proud to know that from her pig farm outside of Des Moines, Iowa, she had the highest number of viewers throughout our seven hours of grilling.”

Deniz says every Pork Checkoff marketing effort includes a digital strategy. More consumer-facing projects are on the horizon.

“Of course, we’ve got all of the recipes and even the segments from National Grilling Day on our website. The best place to go first would be pork.org/grilling, or visit our YouTube channel, and if you go to National Pork Board, just search that on YouTube, you will see a playlist that says grillathon, you can watch every one of those segments, plus then links to the recipes. So then, if you are interested in doing some grilling of your own based on those 23 different segments and those 16 partners, I would invite you to do to that. And then, otherwise, stay tuned to our social media channels. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, most actively, I mentioned our YouTube channel, lot’s of great content relative to pork and we continue to promote it on behalf of the Pork Checkoff.”

This is a consumer project, but it is also important for producers.

“Promotions like this help pork producers in the sense that it’s a way for us to connect maybe with a consumer who wouldn’t have on a local level. Because it is digital, we have the opportunity to target. And as I mentioned, this is unlike anything we have ever done before, very aggressive, very new and exciting. But to me, perhaps the most exciting element was we were able to take consumers on this virtual tour of food. And there were regional as well as international flavors or cuisines that came through. And so, from a person’s home, home office computer, even mobile phones that we take with us everywhere, those individuals could tune in to what pork has to offer in terms of flavor and authenticity, the uniqueness that port has to offer. It’s just different in a sense that producers have charged the Pork Checkoff to connect in a different way to compliment what they are doing locally as well.”