Pork Checkoff; an Innovator in Social Media

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media of 2012. Pork Checkoff Digital Marketing Manager Cathy Lee Fredrickson describes Pinterest as an online visual pin board. The Pork Checkoff is seen as an innovator on Pinterest. Fredrickson was featured in a digital media forum in Chicago to highlight that activity…

“We have a very visual product and a passionate following. We have harnessed Pinterest by taking a lot of great photography along with pork recipes and cooking ideas. We are putting those out there for others to share with their friends and we have seen spikes in traffic to our website from the recipes we have put out. Its also a great way to continue relationships with food bloggers by taking all of the great content they are building and sharing that. It’s a relationship builder and also a great promotion tool.”

During the social media conference – Fredrickson was part of a panel discussion highlighting brand marketing. Two other brands were also highlighted…

“Apartment Therapy, which is a very popular blog, McDonald’s Corporation and a law firm. We talked about how different brands use Pinterest and gave some tips on how brands can get into that social media.”

The Pork Checkoff was invited to participate in a major social media conference to highlight its involvement in Pinterest. Pork Checkoff Digital Marketing Manager Cathy Lee Fredrickson says Pinterest is very popular…

“People can go out to the site and pin things that they like to their own account they have in Pinterest. It can be a recipe or a home DIY, or even new shoes. They put them on their board and then other friends who are following them can see what they have picked.”

In addition to its role in the recent social media conference – Fredrickson says the Pork Checkoff has received more attention…

“We have gotten quite a bit of press from our use of Pinterest because we are one of the first brands to really grab a hold of it and we are seen as one of the leaders of this new social media.”

The Pork Checkoff uses Pinterest to reach consumers. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media of 2012


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