Pioneer Shows Off Corn Hybrids at Field Day


Recently at the Blacklands Farm Managers Field Day in Tyrrell County, DuPont Pioneer showcased some of their leading corn hybrids.  Adrian Boyd, Account Manager, Southern Commercial unit serving northeastern North Carolina discusses the attributes of the hybrids:

“Yeah, we’re excited to introduce some of the new corn products in our corn lineup this year, and really are fortunate to be able showcase them today here at the Blacklands Field Day, with what we hope are going to be high yielding.  We’ve got some good stalk strength in some of our new products, good roots, we’re seeing some lower ear placements, some shorter plants, things customers have been asking for for a while now.”

I noticed that the ear placement on these plants is low, that’s got to help standability.

“Yeah, we get to looking at higher yielding hybrids, and larger ears, especially over here in an area where we’re hurricane alley, so to speak, that is a big concern with a lot of our growers.”

Now, our planting dates in this part of the state is across the board.  Driving out this morning, I saw corn in the process of drying down, I saw some fields with viable tassles.

“Yes, actually the corn that we have here today was planted around the end of April, I have heard reports of a couple of guys that are harvesting 90-day corn in the Blackland area, hearing some pretty good yields out of that.  So, we’re excited to see just how this harvest is going to turn out this year.”

I’d think that 90-day corn would be a highly sought out variety in this area.

“It is, but generally you give up a little bit of yield with 90-day corn so those growers are experimenting with either double-crop soybeans behind corn, or in the Hyde County area, we’re looking at a lot of fall snap beans behind corn.”

This may not be the best year to talk about  it, but I know in the past you have been excited about your AquaMax hybrids.

“Yeah, we do have one AquaMax showcased here today in a 105-day hybrid,   get some stability on that in stress years, and also pleased to see some high end yields coming out of that.  So, it’s defiantly something that we continue to evaluate to bring the best products possible for our customers.”

And that AquaMax hybrid also happens to be the one with the double ear.

“It does.”

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