Peterson: Farmers Don’t Want to Get Their Revenue From Government

Farmers in Minnesota voiced their frustrations at a listening session with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and House Ag Chairman Collin Peterson.

House Ag Chairman Collin Peterson (left) with Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue at this week’s Minnesota Farmfest (Photo Credit: MPR News)

The event, hosted by Peterson at Minnesota’s Farmfest this week, allowed Perdue to an earful from farmers questioning farm bill programs and trade. Peterson says one thing was clear: “Farmers don’t want to get their revenue from the government.”

However, he says the federal government has a responsibility “to make sure folks aren’t left behind as a result of forces beyond their control.” There are many forces farmers are struggling with right now, from low income, trade retaliations, adverse weather, and an increase in farm bankruptcies.

Peterson says there is “still a lot of work to be done,” to help farmers, adding he will continue to do everything possible to help, along with Secretary Perdue.