Pelosi Hopeful for Path to Passing USMCA

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says work continues on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement while impeachment proceedings move forward in the House of Representatives. Still, a fear persists outside of Washington, D.C., that USMCA may not reach the finish line because of the full schedule in Washington.

Speaking to reporters, Pelosi said Democrats are still waiting on assurances about enforceability. Those in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, remain optimistic House Democrats can reach an agreement with the Trump administration to pass USMCA. When the impeachment inquiry was announced, The Trump administration stated, “House Democrats destroyed any chances of legislative progress,” including on USMCA.

Mexico’s president recently pledged to sign a letter to U.S. lawmakers urging passage of the agreement. Mexico ratified USMCA this summer, and Canada is expected to do so following its federal elections later this month.