Pelosi: Deportation Delay Won’t Lead to Immigration Deal

Agriculture may be waiting a while for the nation to improve the immigration program it relies on to provide farm laborers. President Donald Trump agreed to a two-week postponement of mass deportation of illegal immigrants while asking Congress to work out an agreement on changes to the nation’s asylum laws. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had asked the president to delay the deportations, but says Congress will not be working out a deal with Republicans to reform asylum laws.

Instead, Pelosi tells the Washington Examiner that the two-week delay will simply give activists and the religious community more time to speak out against the deportations. Trump pulled back on plans last week to round up thousands of illegal immigrants, with an emphasis on deporting those who posed security and safety risks.

Trump, along with many Republicans, want to change the asylum laws, which they think makes it too easy to get into the United States. Many of the 100,000 illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border each of the past three months claimed asylum.

Pelosi says there will be no negotiating on the asylum laws. She says Democrats instead want a complete overhaul of the immigration system, as well as a pathway to citizenship for the illegal immigrants already in the country.