Palmetto State Sees Little Rain in Latest Crop Progress Report

The latest crop progress report for South Carolina states that there were more than 6 days suitable for field work in the week ended May 25th with little rainfall across the state.  Jeffrey Fellers in Union County reports that areas of the country receive a hail storm but with little to no crop damage, even though some hail stones were up to golf-ball sized.  Mark Nettles in Orangeburg County reports that some areas of the county are becoming dry and some corn has shown evidence of drought stress. Cotton and peanuts are doing well.

Some Areas of Tar Heel State Experiencing Dry Conditions

In the latest crop progress report for North Carolina released on Tuesday, there were more than 6 days suitable for field work in the week ended May 25th, compared to less than 5 the previous week.  NCDA Regional Agronomist Dwayne Tate reports that soil moisture is beginning to be a concern for newly planted crops such as tobacco, corn and soybeans.  Paul Westfall with Granville County Extension reports that some farmers had to replant some areas of fields that washed out during last week’s heavy rain, and most farm operations are running about two weeks behind normal due to weather related delays.

Oregon County Bans GMO Farming

Voters in Jackson County, Oregon last week passed a ballot initiative mandating what crops farmers can or cannot grow on their land. The initiative, which passed by nearly a two-to-one margin, bans county farmers from growing any genetically engineered plants.

Quoted in an article from American Seed Trade Association, Oregon Farm Bureau president Barry Bushue, says, “Regrettably ideology defeated sound science and common sense in Jackson County.”

The issue remains contentious in Oregon and elsewhere, and even among the “organic,” non-GMO community, some see the legislation as a bad idea.

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