Palmetto State in Dire Need of Rain

In the latest Crop Progress Report for South Carolina for the week ended August 31st, there were 6.7 days suitable for field work across the Palmetto State.  Topsoil moisture ratings were reported at 7% very short, 34% short, 58% adequate, and 1% surplus.  Anderson County’s Mike Price reports that Army works have show up in massive numbers in his area, and many  farmers have had their second crop of hay complete destroyed by the pest.  And Kyle Daniel in Georgetown County reports that hot and dry was the story of the week.  Soybeans and cotton both need finishing rains, and tobacco harvest is winding down.  Many producers are reporting one of the best crops they’ve grown in years.

Annual Peanut Field Day Today

The 62nd Annual Peanut Field Day gets underway today at 8:30 am at the Peanut Belt Research Station at Lewiston-Woodville.  Tours get underway at 9:00 with stops on breeding and variety development, disease management and agronomy and weed management.  The event also includes a sponsored lunch, and several guest speakers.

Dry Spell Ramps Up Tobacco and Corn Harvest

In the latest crop progress report released Tuesday, a day late due to the Labor Day holiday, there were 6.4 days suitable for field work in the Tar Heel State for the week ended August 31st.  Topsoil moisture is rated at 4% very short, 28% short, 62% adequate and 6% surplus.  Mike Wilder, Region 6 Agronomist with NCDA reports conditions are drying out with no rain in 8-10 days.  A few early planted sweet potatoes have been harvested, and flue cured tobacco harvest is progressing at a rapid pace.  Daniel Simpson with Pamilco County Extension reports that rain-free conditions have allowed corn to be harvested during the majority of the week.

Drought in the Southwest Could Last up to 50 Years

State-of-the-art climate models may be underestimating the risk of drought lasting a decade in the Southwestern US, according to new research that suggests the chance of such a prolonged dry spell may be at least 80 percent.

Current climate model projections put the risk of a decade-long drought at less than 50 percent, according to scientists at Cornell University and the University of Arizona.

But those models omit certain observational data on hydro-climate fluctuations that may provide a more complete view of prolonged drought risk.  When that data is included, the risk of a persistent drought may be higher than 90 percent in some areas, according to the study authors. The likelihood of a drought lasting more than 35 years is between 20 percent and 50 percent, and the risk of an unprecedented 50-year mega-drought is between 5 percent and 10 percent.

China Approved as a Supplier of Pork to Russia

Russian officials reportedly are putting together a list of pork suppliers in China whose goods are expected to make up for the anticipated pork shortfall following the recent ban on pork imports from several countries, including the United States.

The Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service (VPSS) will allow pork imports from China in addition to the current vegetables and fruit, according to a report from

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