NPPC: China Represents Greatest Sales Opportunity for U.S. Pork

The National Pork Producers Council says China represents the single largest market opportunity for U.S. pork. However, trade disputes are hampering growth and “have caused severe financial harm” to U.S. pork producers.

Speaking at a Global Business Dialogue event in Washington, D.C., NPPC’s Nick Giordano stated pork producers “have been at the tip of the trade retaliation spear for more than a year.” While Mexico’s 20 percent retaliatory tariff on U.S. pork was recently lifted, producers still face a stifling 62 percent tariff into China.

NPPC says there are enormous trade opportunities with China, especially to help offset China’s reduced production due to African swine fever. Instead, Chinese pork buyers are reaching out to those in Europe, Canada and Brazil for supplies. Giordano says that what should have been a time of prosperity for U.S. pork, instead will “fuel jobs, profits and rural development” for U.S. pork competitors.

NPPC is calling for the China pork tariffs to be lifted to allow U.S. pork to be competitive in China.