NPB Battles Pork Myths with Hollywood Talent

NPB Battles Pork Myths with Hollywood Talent

The National Pork Board (NPB) is using Checkoff dollars to partner with Emmy Award-winning actor Eric Stonestreet to dispel common misconceptions about pig farming and redefine idioms and phrases heard in common language. NPB’s Senior Vice President of Communications Jacque Matsen says the producer-led Real Pork Barriers Task Force has been reviewing consumer perception data as it relates to food and purchasing behaviors.

Former pig farmer Eric Stonestreet. He’s also dabbled in acting.

“Even though consumers say that they’re somewhat or very confident in our product, we can’t take that for granted. We have to make sure that we’re continually asking them what’s on their minds and what might be in the back of their mind that if some issue or topic comes to bear that they have enough confidence, and we have enough trust built up, that we can appropriately address it for consumers.”

Matsen says consumers are most concerned about how animals are cared for, housed, and fed, and their beliefs are directly related to the protein they feed their families.

“Those are some of the top issues the Barriers Task Force recognized were opportunities for us to address consumer questions and concerns. Let’s start with those things around animal welfare, animal wellbeing, what the animal eats, and how animals are housed and cared for, because we know those most directly relate to consumer confidence.”

The myth-busting campaign addresses myths in an approachable and friendly manner through on-farm videos published on social media, a place where consumers are already browsing. Matsen says partnering with the former pig farmer Stonestreet offers information without overwhelming consumers.

“He has just the right tone where he can engage with consumers and share factual information but do it in a way that’s fun and light-hearted and doesn’t feel overly academic and like he’s lecturing consumers. So, it’s the perfect tone, the perfect person, and the concept of ‘Rural Dictionary, makes these myths really approachable for consumers.”

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