North Carolina’s Drought Conditions Stable


Weekend and early week rains stabilized, but did not improve North Carolina’s drought conditions as reported in the weekly drought monitor released Thursday morning.  Last week, as this week almost 42.5% of the state is in abnormally dry conditions, and over 10.5% of the state is in the first phase of drought, moderate.  The geographical area of dry conditions is also stable, with the abnormally dry conditions spreading from roughly I-85 to gates County in the north, sweeping downward through Johnston County, across to Anson County in the south.  The southern Coastal Plain, as well as the mountain region are drought free.

Abnormally Dry Conditions Expand in South Carolina

Abnormally dry conditions in South Carolina increased slightly this week, as reported in the weekly Drought Monitor released by the Drought Mitigation center on Thursday morning.  Last week just shy of 32% of the state was in abnormally dry conditions, this week that number is almost 40%.  The area of expansion is to the north and west, and now includes most of the upstate.  The lower Pee Dee region as well as the upper Coastal Plain and the low country are drought free.

Sporadic Rain Predicted for the East Through the Remainder of the Month

USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, has the regional weather forecast for most of the rest of this month.


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