North Carolina Declares State of Emergency


The governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, on Thursday morning issued Executive Orders 20 and 21 waiving weight restrictions on vehicles carrying farm materials, and the requirement for health certificates for most animals traveling to or through the state of North Carolina.  North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Heather Overton with the Public Affairs office:


“The order means that the Department of Public Safety has temporarily suspended weighing vehicles used to transport livestock, poultry feed, and crop in the state.  This order will insure that livestock, poultry, feed and crops can be moved as necessary in the state to help farmers prepare for the storm.

“We have sent information out to the commodity groups to encourage people that transport these items to carry copies of Executive Orders 20 and 21 so that if they are stopped to show their vehicles are exempt at this time.

“Hurricane Irma is a formidable storm, and we are hoping for the best, but we are trying to prepare as much as possible before it gets here.

“In addition to waiving the motor vehicle registrations, the Department has also temporarily suspended health certificates for livestock and horses traveling through the state from areas in Hurricane Irma’s path.  What this means that animals like horses that are escaping storm conditions in Florida won’t be stopped for the health certificates that we normally require.  Public Health has also waived this requirement for dogs and cats.  The only animal that this order does not waive for is that we will still require swine identification.”

Similar measures are also in place for South Carolina.

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