New York Mayor Announces Own Green New Deal

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a Green New Deal of his own, calling for a reduction in purchases of processed meats in the Big Apple. The deal, according to the mayor’s office, would ensure a near 30 percent reduction in emissions by 2030.

The plan was passed by the New York City Council last week. As part of the plans waste and carbon reductions, it calls for the city to end “unnecessary purchases of single-use plastic foodware, phase out the purchase of processed meat, reduce the purchase of beef by 50 percent and commit to a carbon neutral City fleet by 2040.”

Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams said of the deal he is “particularly thrilled” that the city “has taken up our mantle to reduce our over-consumption of meat through the phasing out of processed meat purchasing and the reduction of beef purchasing.”

The New York Green New Deal also bans the “inefficient” steel and glass skyscrapers that adorn the city, and calls for vast changes to make current building more efficient.