New Web Page to Focus on Beef Education

For the past two years, the American Farm Bureau Foundation has worked with the Beef Checkoff to put together beef education materials for schools.   Julie Tesch is the Executive Director of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.  She said the Foundation will be adding a new webpage focused on sharing beef educational tools developed in partnership with the beef checkoff…

“It’s called ‘On the Farm, an In the Field Beef Learning Experience’.  And the great thing is that there’s a video on there, showing our participants from all across the country, but there’s also free resources for anybody to use.  We have two new online games on there and then also activity sheets and lesson plans, the whole nine yards.”

Tesch said it’s designed especially for teachers who don’t have a lot of experience with agriculture…

“We’re really looking for people who really don’t have much knowledge of agriculture, because we want to expose them to agriculture from our viewpoints in an accurate way, and show them how to integrate agriculture into their classrooms, especially science classrooms in high school.”

She also talked about what the kids will learn when they play the two online games on the website…

“In one of them they’re learning about beef cattle, they’re learning about rate of gain, they’re learning about pasturing and how much land a heifer or steer needs to be raised.  So, they’re using critical math skills and critical thinking skills.  And in another game, and they’re learning about nutrition of beef, and they’re learning about the environment and how we’re good stewards of the land.  Those are really for third through fifth graders.”

There are also E-Readers, Family Guides, and lesson plans.  However, the material can be “amped up” to higher grades.  Tesch said the Foundation is hoping to work with more commodity groups in a similar fashion in the future.

The website address is ag-foundation dot org forward slash on-the-farm.

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