New Soybean Variety Developed by Clemson Researchers


The soybean planting season and growing region have been extended thanks to researchers at Clemson University’s Pee Dee Research & Education Center near Florence.  The Agustina soybean cultivar was developed and released by soybean breeders Benjamin Fallen and Emerson Shipe. Fallen said this cultivar possesses the long juvenile (LJ) trait which gives it the ability to produce high yields even when days get shorter and daylight hours are fewer. The LJ trait also allows the Agustina soybean to be grown in regions not suited for most existing soybean cultivars. Agustina also is resistant to soybean cyst nematodes.  Beginning in the spring of 2018, Agustina seed will be sold commercially in both the US and Mexico.

Tyrrell County Extension Hiring

Tyrrell County, NC Cooperative Extension is hiring.  This is a permanent, full-time salaried position as Extension Ag Agent.  Requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with a salary increase for a Masters.  Home base for this position is in Columbia, North Carolina.  The candidate for this position will be required to develop, implement, evaluate and market effective and successful educational programs.

Program areas will include field crops (soybean, corn, wheat and cotton), fresh market and whole sale vegetable crops, commercial and home agriculture, pesticide education/ certification and any other subject matter that meet the needs of the citizens and producers in Tyrrell County or deemed appropriate by the County Extension Director.  For more information visit SFNToday dot com for a link.

Drier than Normal Conditions Predicted Up to Thanksgiving

Brad Rippey, USDA meteorologist, with the national weather forecast for November 14th through the 20th.

“We will see a warming trend across most of the country, that would especially noticeable across the central and eastern United States.  All should expect above normal temperatures. 

“In terms of precipitation patterns from November 14th through the 20th, large portions of the country will see drier than normal conditions.”

Ag Struggling to Make Voice Heard in NAFTA Talks

The American agricultural lobby thought that President Trump’s trade politics would spare farmers and others in agriculture. Trump has threatened to issue a formal intent to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and agriculture can’t seem to get its message through. The U.S. exports nearly $18 billion of agriculture goods to Mexico, with exports the main profit driver in agriculture. However, Politico says those numbers don’t seem to be registering with the negotiators. Now that the threat of withdrawal seems more like reality, rather than a bargaining tactic, there’s also a growing recognition that agriculture may not have put together an effective strategy to counter the threat.

Producers More Optimistic in October Survey

The latest Purdue/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer showed farmer optimism improving slightly in October, coming in at an index of 135. That’s actually the third-highest level since the survey began two years ago. The modest improvement during October came about because of increasing optimism for what lies ahead. The Index of Future Expectations increased from 130 to 137 in October. But, the Index of Current Conditions was a little lower than the previous month.

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