New Book Removing Confusion at the Grocery Store


A new book is helping consumers learn more about their food and how it’s produced. Author Michele Payne’s recently released book, ‘Food Truths from Farm to Table: 25 Surprising Ways to Shop & Eat Without Guilt’, is an effort to help consumers remove emotion and guilt from buying and eating food items. Payne says the book helps remove confusion in the grocery store…

“The reality in my research showed people are feeling guilty when they go to the grocery store, and in my opinion, food should be about celebration.  So, “Food Truth; From Farm to Table” is really about removing confusion and bringing clarity and common sense to the grocery store so that people can understand the food truth, really the truth in their plate, if you will, about how food is produced today, and about some of the marketing half-truths that they’ve been exposed to continually.”           

Corn is the only single commodity covered under the 25 food groups within the book. Payne, who has spoken at National Corn Growers Association groups and events, says she wrote the book to help consumers…

“I wrote the book because after my first book ‘No More Food Fights’ four years ago, I found that people were very confused by the grocery store.  “Food Truths; From Farm To Table” fulfills the need for bringing an unheard voice to the conversation around farm and food.  And that is the voice from 55 plus contributors from farms, ranchers, dieticians, veterinarians and health experts.

It really is to provide a first-hand perspective on how food is raised today to address some of the myths that are out there.”
With the vast majority of the world’s population disconnected from the farm or ranch, she says farmers need to connect with consumers…
“If we’re not sharing our story, and we’re not working to relate to consumers where they are, I think it’s unrealistic for them to understand our practices.  It’s been very interesting to me, because the more and more food audiences I’ve worked with, I have found that when I can explain why we do certain practices, people are okay with it.  It’s ‘why’ that’s been missing, it’s not the data, it’s not the facts, it’s not the science, it’s the story around the ‘why’.                                               

Payne says the book is making a difference…

“So, my hope is that people can continue to get the work out there for the good of agriculture about “Food Truths; From Farm to Table” because it really does provide an unheard perspective to the conversation.”                                          

A native of the Texas Panhandle, Rhonda was born and raised on a cotton farm where she saw cotton farming evolve from ditch irrigation to center pivot irrigation and harvest trailers to modules. After graduating from Texas Tech University, she got her start in radio with KGNC News Talk 710 in Amarillo, Texas.

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