NE Regional School of Biotech & Agriscience Launches Fourth Year

Earlier in August the Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience, a concept high school located in Jamesville, North Carolina launched their fourth year.  Hal Davis, Jr., is Principal:

“We serve students from Pitt, Martin, Washington, Beaufort and Tyrrell Counties. With the start of the new school year we enrolled 210 scholars. We have had a very successful start.”

About 80 students applied for 60 openings for the freshman class.

Even though NE Regional now has its first class of seniors, that doesn’t mean they’re busy planning commencement exercises:

“We have a five year program. We give them the opportunity to earn an Associates College Degree and then move on to a four year college or the real world. Our goal for all of our scholars is successful employment.”

And this is the school’s second year in their new location explains Davis:

“We have a lease agreement with the Martin County Board of Education and we are in a former campus.”

While an improvement over holding classes at the Vernon James Center in Plymouth, the current location isn’t permanent explains Davis:

“We look to have the opportunity to partner with the Vernon James Center and the research station. The original concept of the school is for our students to work with the scientist at those places.”

When we heard from Davis last year, he spoke of replicating the concept of the school in other areas of the state, and he says that’s happening:

“We had some inquiries from out of state who want to do the same thing. In NC we want to replicate with other regional and concept schools.”

Davis says two families relocated into an eligible county for their kids to attend the school.

Principal of NE Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience, Hal Davis, Jr.



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