NCGA Corn Yield Winners Announced

Wendy’s will reduce antibiotics use in its beef supply chain. The announcement follows similar measures the fast food restaurant chain took in its poultry supply chain. Starting next year, Wendy’s will source about 15 percent of its beef from producers that have committed to a 20 percent reduction of the only medically important antibiotic product routinely fed to cattle sourced to Wendy’s. Wendy’s noted in the report that it has completed the process of eliminating all antibiotics important to human medicine from chicken production, something the company pledged to do last year. Wendy’s latest move comes a little more than a week after the Food and Drug Administration released a report noting that U.S. sales and distribution of antibiotics approved for use in food animals fell ten percent in 2016.

A Virginia corn grower has broken a new world record for yield. The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) announced that David Hula, a resident of Charles City, Virginia, set a new world corn yield record with 542 bushels per acre using Pioneer® P1197AM™ brand corn, breaking his 2015 record of 532 bushels per acre. Hula previously set record-breaking yields in 2013 with Pioneer® hybrid P2088YHR, as well.

Two farmers from Scranton, SC have claimed top honors in their respective classifications. David Gause produced more than 357 bushels per acre in the Class A non-irrigated category, while John Gause took first place in Class A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated at 353 bushels per acre. Both used Pioneer brand hybrids.

The Environmental Protection Agency plans to complete formal repeal of the Waters of the U.S. Rule in April 2018. Politico reports an updated regulatory agenda from the White House also shows a replacement rule is scheduled for proposal in May. A final version of the rule is not expected until June 2019. President Donald Trump issued an executive order earlier this year repealing WOTUS, a move EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said would bring certainty in water regulation for farmers and ranchers.