NCDA&CS Market Highlights for Wednesday June 19



The following is a summary of market prices and conditions of North Carolina farm products for June 18, 2019 reported by the Federal-State Markets News Service of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  All livestock is state reported.


Cattle:  At the livestock auctions held on Monday in Canton, Siler City, and Turnersburg a total of 1,511 cattle, 75 goats, and 57 sheep were sold. Average dressing slaughter cows brought $50-$66, with high dressing up to $76.  Average dressing slaughter bulls, 1000 lbs. & up, sold from $79-$93, with high dressing ranging $90-$102.  400-500 lbs. M&L 1-2 feeder steers ranged $129-$148, 500-600 lbs. were $120-$138.  M&L 1-2 feeder bulls, 400-500 lbs. were $124-$139, 500-600 lbs. ranged $115-$134.  400-500 lbs. M&L 1-2 feeder heifers ranged $119-$130, 500-600 lbs. were $104-$118.


Broiler-Fryers:  The North Carolina broiler-fryer market was steady and the live supply was adequate to meet the moderate demand.  Average weights were mostly desirable.  The estimated slaughter for Tuesday in North Carolina was 3,599,000 head compared to 3,358,000 head last Tuesday.


Eggs:  No report was issued due to absence of the reporter.


Cotton:  The strict-low middling one and one sixteenth Southeast average price is 63.37 cents per pound; the U.S. average is 60.66 cents per pound.


Grain:  No report was issued due to absence of the reporter.


Fruit and Vegetable Prices (Shipping Point F.O.B.)Eastern North Carolina – 2019 Crop Blueberries:  Demand moderate.  Market about steady.  Many present shipments from previous commitments.  Includes palletizing and cooling.  Flats 12 1-pint cups with lids medium-large $18-$20 few $16-$17.50 occasional lower.  Cabbage:  Demand good.  Market about steady.  50 pound cartons Round Green Type medium $15-$16.  Cucumbers:  Demand good.  Market fair quality lower, others about steady.  Waxed 1 1/9 bushel cartons medium $14-$16 mostly $16, fair quality $6; cartons 24s $5-$6.