NC Farmers Looking for Rain


There were more than six days suitable for field work in North Carolina in the week ended October 8th, about the same as the previous week, as reported in the latest Crop Progress report.  Gary Cross with Person County Extension reports that extremely dry pastures and hayfields are in poor condition, and other crops are suffering as well, such as tobacco, and soybeans.  Georgia Love, NCDA regional agronomist reports that the dry weather has allowed for significant gains in harvest of all crops, but rain is needed.

Cotton Harvest Underway in South Carolina

In the latest crop progress report for South Carolina there were over 6 days suitable for field work, about the same as the previous week.  Kyle Daniel with Georgetown County reports that a dry week allowed for cotton defoliation and digging of peanuts.  Cotton, at this time appears to be average at best, with a few fields that could be rated excellent.  Rusty Skipper in Horry County reports that cotton harvest is underway.  There was rain in the area over the weekend, with more forecast in the days ahead.

Conaway: NAFTA Too Important to Screw up

Following a weekend meeting in Canada, House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway said the North American Free Trade Agreement is “too important to screw up.” Conaway took part in a delegation of House members that focused on agricultural trade in a discussion with Canadian officials before this week’s round of NAFTA talks. In a statement, Conaway said the goal of the meeting was to ensure Canada understand that U.S. agriculture “has a keen interest in getting NAFTA done and done right.” Conaway said U.S. agriculture would continue “to stay at the negotiators elbow” throughout the process. Representative David Rouzer of North Carolina joined Conaway in Canada, saying the meeting gave the U.S. an “opportunity to demonstrate the importance of the deal for U.S. agriculture.”

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