NC Commissioner Steve Troxler: Latest NASS Crop Production Estimates

The National Agricultural Statistics Service recently released updated crop production estimates. In it, corn and soybeans are up and cotton and tobacco are down.

  • The latest crop production estimates were recently released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, and it looks like corn, soybean and winter wheat production is up, while cotton, peanuts and tobacco is down.
  • Corn production is projected to be up 22 percent this year, in part due to increased yield and planted acreage. Projected corn yield is expected to be 131 bushels an acre, up 20 bushels from 2019. Total harvested acreage is 960,000 acres, up 30,000 acres from 2019. And overall production is expected to be 125.8 million bushels.
  • Corn yield is expected to fall just below the 2017 record of 142 bushels per acre, but above the 10-year average of 118 bushels.
  • Soybean production is expected to be up 9 percent this year, with harvested acreage at 1.57 million acres. Total production is forecast at 58.1 million bushels. Yield is estimated at 37 bushels an acre, up slightly (2) from 2019.
  • 2017 was also a record production year for soybean yields at 40 bushels per acre.
  • You can expect to see a lot more winter wheat in the field. Harvested acreage is up 155,000 acres from 2019, projected at 380,000 acres.
  • With so many more acres planted, production is expected to be up 81 percent at 22.8 million bushels. Last year’s production was 12.6 million bushels.
  • Cotton production is expected to be down 42 percent from 2019, tobacco production is expected to be down 27 percent and peanut production is expected to be down 7.
  • We will see 150,000 fewer acres of cotton this year, dropping from 500,000 in 2019 to 350,000 this year. Production is expected to be 600,000 bales. One million bales were harvested in 2019.
  • Yield estimates of 823 pounds of cotton per acre is down 175 pounds from the 998 pounds per acre yield in 2019.
  • We can anticipate 1,000 more acres of peanuts being harvested this year, coming in at 103,000 acres.
  • Total peanut production is forecast at 412 million pounds. Peanut yield is projected to be 4,000 pounds per acre, above the 10-year average of 3,814 pounds per acre, but considerably less than the 4,800 pounds per acre record in 2014.