NC Commissioner Steve Troxler: CFAP Deadline Now Sept. 11; Some Specialty Crops Added

The deadline for farmers to apply for the USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program has been extended to Sept. 11. In addition, some 40 additional specialty crops are now eligible.

  • Although it is not one of our programs, I wanted to remind farmers that the deadline to apply for the USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program was extended to Sept. 11.
  • In addition, around 60 more commodities were added August 11, now making them eligible. Some additional commodities include specialty crops, nursery plants, cut flowers, aquaculture and certain types of eggs.
  • So, I would say it is worth checking to see if your commodities qualify if you had losses because of COVID-19.
  • This program provides direct relief to producers who have faced a 5 percent-or-greater price decline or losses because of supply chain disruptions or added marketing costs because of COVID-19.
  • There are three categories that specialty crops can qualify for CFAP payments due to COVID-19.
    • Had crops that suffered a 5 percent decline or greater between mid-January and mid-April;
    • Had produce shipped but the product spoiled because the loss of a marketing channel;
    • And, had shipments that did not leave the farm or mature crops that were not harvested.
  • Program information and the application is available online at
  • Farmers with questions can also contact their local FSA offices to set up and appointment by phone or email.
  • Under the program, a farmer who submitted a previous CFAP application for an ineligible commodity and that application was not approved, will need to fill out a new application.
  • If an application was submitted and a payment for CFAP-eligible crops was made, but the grower now has other eligible commodities, they will need to contact their FSA office to amend their application.
  • There are payment limitations of up to $250,000 per person and legal entity for all eligible commodities and up to $750,000 for corporate entities based on the number of shareholders (not to exceed three.)
  • Again, I would encourage growers who had losses because of COVID-19 to go check out the information and see if they are eligible for assistance.