NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler: Forest Service Seedling Sale Has Begun

The N.C. Forest Service has begun its annual seedling sales, offering nearly 50 species of conifers and hardwoods to landowners. These seedlings offer superior growth, form and disease resistance. Sales started July 2. An online catalog can be found at

  • We are blessed in North Carolina to have a pretty green state. When you fly over the state, you see just how vast our forest resources are.
  • Likewise, our forestry products industry is significant in North Carolina. It contributes more than $32 billion annually and provides more than 150,000 jobs in the state.
  • But, we are able to be both a green state and a significant producer of forestry products because timber is a renewable resource.
  • Our N.C. Forest Service helps landowners replant their harvested timberland with strong tree stock through its annual seedling sales.
  • The Forest Service produces a catalogue which features nearly 50 species of conifers and hardwoods available. Altogether, around 16 million quality seedlings are produced.
  • These seedlings offer superior growth, form and disease resistance thanks to nursery research and production experience.
  • If you have ever been near the ports on our coast, you will quickly get some sense of just how much wood products are headed for foreign markets. Trucks loaded with timber and other wood products are constantly rolling into the ports. Forestry exports are around $1.5 billion annually.
  • By replanting after harvesting, landowners ensure long-term availability of timber and also create a revenue stream for their land.
  • But this sale is not only for those wanting to replant large tracts of land, it’s for anyone looking to add trees to their landscape.
  • Landowners can purchase hardwoods in quantities as small as 10 and conifers in quantities as small as 50. But the forest service also offers seedlings by the hundreds and thousands.
  • Demand has been up, so landowners are encouraged to order early.
  • You can find an online catalog at or can pick one up at your local N.C. Forest Service office. You can also visit the online seedling store at Seedlings can be ordered by phone at 1-888-NCTREES. (1-888-628-7337)
  • Just a reminder that seedlings are ordered now, but shipped in the fall, based on weather conditions.