Mythbusting Pig Farming

Mythbusting Pig Farming

The Pork Checkoff is on a mission to grow public trust and protect producers’ freedom to operate National Pork Board CEO Bill Even shares what Pork Checkoff is doing on behalf of pork producers.

Even says Pork Checkoff is sharing pork’s sustainability story with decision makers. He presented how U.S. pig farmers are committed to raising nutritious pork sustainably at the Economist Magazine Sustainability Conference last week, which attracted more than 8,000 people from across the globe. Additionally, a producer panel shared on-farm sustainability practices with more than 130 individuals at the Retail Advisory Committee meeting last week.

“This week, the Economist magazine is hosting a global sustainability conference with over 8,000 attendees. I’ve had the privilege of being able to tell the pork sustainability story to that audience. In addition, this week, the pork checkoffs Retail Advisory Committee featured a panel of producer leaders talking about sustainability practices they’re doing on their own farms.” 

The people who buy, sell, and eat pork want to know that pig farmers share their values and are committed to sustainability. They also want to know more about modern pig farming practices. NPB reaches consumers through the Real Pork Mythbusting series with award-winning actor Eric Stonestreet. Short videos have been and will be posted online and on NPB’s Facebook and YouTube pages through November.

“We’re busting myths. A new campaign launched in September featuring award winning actor Eric Stonestreet, his five videos will be addressing common pig farming myths. In just the first month alone we’ve had over one million views of these videos. Please watch them and share them with your friends and family.” 

Even encourages producers to request a free, customized On-Farm Sustainability Report to measure and track their farm’s sustainability practices. By participating, this aggregated nationwide data will allow decision makers to present pork’s commitment to sustainability and doing what’s right for people, pigs and the planet.

“Get your own on farm sustainability report. The pork checkoff is providing a free customized on farm sustainability report. These reports will provide field level data, and help you measure and track information on your farm. We intend to aggregate this anonymous data to tell the U.S. pork industry sustainability story across the country.” 

Producers are encouraged to Google “Pork Checkoff Sustainability” to learn more about NPB’s commitment to building and maintaining public trust.