Mike Walden: Bringing the Boys Back

As the economy improves, economists are noticing a distinct difference between males and females.  Females are moving back into the workforce, but male workforce participation has largely stagnated.  What’s going on, and what can be done?

Mike:  Summary Answer

  1. issue appears to be that many men – an estimated 7 million nationally – who are of working age and are not disabled – have literally dropped out of the labor force
  2. living with friends or family and are not working
  3. some have personal issues – addictions – others don’t have skills
  4. will need programs to reach out to them – fix addictions and train for jobs needing workers
  5. but important that do, because new labor will be increasingly in demand
  6. if could add all to the labor force, would boost the annual economy by an estimated $350 billion
  7. so important both for the individuals and the overall economy