Midwest Flood Losses More than $1 Billion

Flood losses along the Missouri River include farm ground and farm facilities, along with stored grains and livestock. The flooding came quick for many, leaving little time to evacuate farm products, animals and equipment. Those damages, topping $1 billion from flooding in a four-state area, includes rural roads, bridges and public infrastructure such as schools.

Lawmakers are prepping to quickly consider adding the flooding to a large disaster bill when Congress returns to session next week.

Flooding continues to move downstream, and weather officials warn of more flooding this spring as the snowmelt begins and broken levees leave large areas unprotected. The National Weather Service Kansas City office reported Thursday the Missouri River was discharging 315,000 cubic feet per second at Rulo, Nebraska, where the river beat its 1993 records earlier in the week. NWS says that’s enough water to fill Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium in under nine minutes. The stadium has room for more than 76,000 football fans and stands 260 feet tall.